Young UK men top women for time spent shopping – survey

The company said that millennial men take as many as 15 days to find the perfect clothes for a party, night out or special occasion. That compares to the 12 days that women spend. And it’s interesting that men also speak to their friends more for advice about fashion.The research showed that the young British men spent 63 minutes a month on average speaking to friends about fashion and what they’re planning to buy, while women spend 55 minutes doing the same.คำพูดจาก Web Game Casino

And it goes further, with young British men also taking more time to look at blogs for fashion inspiration (58 minutes per month compared to 52 minutes for women) as well as watching fashion shows on TV (51 minutes compared to 45 minutes).The survey didn’t only speak to millennials and because it was more broadly spread across age groups, it managed to identify some generational differences. Apparently, adults under 29 are more than twice as likely those who are 60+ to take selfies and share them with friends for advice before buying clothes and shoes, spending 78 minutes doing so each month.And the importance of social media was clear from the fact that the survey showed 73% of younger shoppers looking to Facebook for fashion ideas, 65% taking to Instagram and 53% finding inspiration on Twitter.But while this all shows that consumers are clearly very focused on doing broad research before they buy, there’s one deciding factor that’s really important, and that’s whether their partner thinks something looks nice on them, with 48% saying this is the number one decision influencer.That said, 19% will choose something because they saw a stranger wearing it, 17% because their mum liked how they looked in it and 16% because they’d seen it on Instagram.The survey also showed 76% of e-shoppers regularly return fashion items because they don’t fit them, suggesting that attempts by online retailers to improve their fit haven’t gone very farคำพูดจาก Web Game Casino . Meanwhile, 38% say that they’ve got a stash of brand-new clothes they never wear. In fact, a quarter of them say some items of clothing in their wardrobes still have tags on, and 22% admitted they have “too many” unworn clothes.

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