Halle Berry Is Challenging Everything About Menopause and Wants You to Do the Same

Halle Berry Gets Candid About Aging

Halle Berry's philosophy on aging is pure purr-fection.

The Catwoman star, who will celebrate her 57th birthday on Aug. 14, recently opened up about embracing her body and loving herself more than ever before. 

"I'm my best self now that I reached 56 years old," Halle told Women's Health in an interview published Augคำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online. 7. "I have the most to offer. I have zero blanks to give anymore. I'm solidly in my womanhood. I finally realize what I have to say is valuable, even if no one else agrees."

The Oscar winner also candidly explained why she's not afraid to discuss topics that might help women feel more comfortable in the skin they're in.

"We can make talking about women's health issues less taboo by daring to talk about it," Halle noted. "If you start the conversation, most women will follow. Do you know whyคำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online? Because it's something that we're dying to do. It's something that we've been deprived of, and it's something that we want to share with one another."

As she put it, "We just need the permission to do it."

photosHalle Berry's Most Stylish Looks Through the Years

Halle, who said she's "smack dab in the middle of menopause," noted how embracing her journey inspired her to break down societal expectations.

"I am challenging everything I thought I knew about menopause," she expressed. "Things like: 'Your life is over.' 'You are disposable.' 'Society no longer has a place for you.' 'You should retire.' 'You should pack it up.'"

Instagram/Halle Berry

She continued, "I'm challenging all those stereotypes about how you have to look a certain way or feel a certain way."

No matter what age or phase you're in, Halle reminded her fans to own it. 

Halle Berry Is Challenging Everything About Menopause and Wants You to Do the Same

"Be clear about who you are and how you wanna live your life," she encouraged, "because it's yours and yours alone to live."

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Of course, this isn't the first time Halle has shared her words of wisdom. Keep reading to see all of her most inspirational quotes over the years.

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